Spotlight on a Mentee: Li Yiming, Founder of LinkDotter

LinkDotter 苏州联点数据技术有限公司


Type of Industry: Internet of Things

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Introduction: LinkDotter focuses on Internet of Things technology, Operational Big Data technology, and advanced agricultural technology. The company relies on the Alibaba Cloud platform to launch a smart agriculture monitoring system. The smart agriculture monitoring system is based on the SaaS platform and has developed products such as a strawberry greenhouse IoT system. The company aims to create an information-based agro-ecosystem that contributes toward China’s agriculture development.


Environmental Impact: Through long-term independent research and development, LinkDotter has developed an advanced agricultural IoT system covering greenhouse planting, aquaculture, animal husbandry, quality tracing, and product testing. The company has helped 2 million agriculture enterprises to achieve automation. Through incorporating smart agricultural production systems, agricultural companies are now able to solve issues such as shortage of labor, high labor costs, unregulated production, and inefficient management.