Hangzhou Entrepreneurship Workshop 2019

On July 25, 2019, Green Startups and Chuang Ye Pei Pao co-hosted an entrepreneurship workshop, in particular for enterprises in the green industry.


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Zhou Qijian, Deputy Director of Chuang Ye Pei Pao, said, “We will build an entrepreneurship ecology. However, there will always be a lot of confusion on the road of entrepreneurship. We should solve the problem, find a way to mature, and find a way to get resources.”


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Walter Ge, Founder of Green Startups, said: “Now green is not only a simple environmental protection industry. As long as it can reduce the consumption of resources and the emission of toxic gases, then it is considered green. There are many problems facing entrepreneurship, but what are the core issues and main breakthroughs? What kind of team do I need for this? These are questions worth thinking about.”


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In this one-day Green Entrepreneurship Workshop, entrepreneurs began by introducing their projects separately. The mentors help discussions with the entrepreneurs regarding the practical application and in-depth self-diagnosis. They also explored how early green enterprises can break through the inherent concept of traditional environmental protection industry and find the intersection between business and environmental protection. If a project wants to go farther in the future, an inevitable process is an innovation and thinking.


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In addition, entrepreneurs were required to write down projects on a piece of paper. Experts then selected projects that are considered a good project in the perspective of investors. From this activity, we can see that there are some differences between the thinking of investors and entrepreneurs. Investors pay more attention to the potential of the team in many aspects. These aspects include resources, completeness of a team, and quality of the leader. These aspects are what entrepreneurs must consider in the future as well.


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The entrepreneurs are faced with similar problems such as scarce startup funds. Through this event, they learned that entrepreneurship is perceptual, founders need rationality, and the abilities of each member of a team need complementarity.