Successful Ending to the Summer Startup Camp 2019


Last week, 12 entrepreneurs gathered in Beijing to participate in the second session of the summer startup camp. Before starting the fall startup camp, let’s take a look at the course content this past weekend.
Green Startups always emphasize that entrepreneurship can’t be taught. Thus, we concentrate on interactions and case studies to stimulate thinking. The obstacles on the road to entrepreneurship can only be avoided if they are aware of it. Because of this, we designed two lessons that focus on self-awareness.


  • MBTI Personality Type Analysis


We often meet people who think differently and work differently than we do. “What do they mean?” “Are they going against me?” Mr. Wang Liyong uses MBTI analysis to allow our students to understand the different personality types. For example, people who are extroverted like to relax through social interactions, whereas introverts like to spend time on their own. Mr. Wang Liyong split the students into two groups to allow them to communicate their contrasting thought processes. By understanding how people function, we see that there is no right or wrong when it comes to handling situations. When we’re working in teams, we need to understand how differences can come from members’ varying personalities.


  • Sandbox Game


The Sandbox Game is an activity that is an extension upon the MBTI analysis. After learning about their own personality types, Mr. Sun Xiaoming led the students to understand how they communicate with other people in a team setting. Through placing different objects in the sandbox each round, Mr. Sun Xiaoming is able to see the students’ subconscious and conscious actions.


  • Case Study


This weekend, we shared a case study with everyone. From team building to the conflict between team members to team members resigning, we analyze the meaning of “team role,” “team fit,” and “communication.” Through discussion, the students are able to understand the obstacles that the team within the case study faced. 


 We spent two afternoons showcasing the case study. Ms. Wang Xinhui constantly asked the students “why?” to guide the students to see the issues within the case study and most importantly, allow them to start thinking thoroughly.




After the startup camp, we once again received numerous positive feedback and appreciation.
“Thank you to Green Startups for the amazing content. All the teachers were extremely helpful, and I hope that I can give back to Green Startups in the future!”
“Thank you to Green Startups and fellow mentors. I feel less stressed after attending these sessions. In the future, if I have an issue I will definitely confide in my fellow attendees and mentors.”
“I learned a lot over the course of these four days, and I hope that I will be able to apply these lessons in the future. In addition, I hope that in the future I have the ability to give back to Green Startups. I wish my classmates all the best in the future!”
Everyone’s support is definitely our biggest motivation for our fall startup camp. The fall startup camp will begin preparation in August. Let us look forward to more amazing content!